BSides Cape Town Organisers

Christo Goosen

Director & Organiser


BSIDES organiser since 2017 and volunteer 2 years before. Lead DevSecops, CTO, DevOps and pentesting background. Love security and creating community. Call me Goose, everyone does.

Charles Wroth

Director & Chair


Specialist Cybersec Recruiter with Community supporter and have been with BSides Cape Town since 2017, Chairperson 2023. Volt BSides ORL, Founder/Root Hack South. Career Coach, bad thought leader, father, husband, veteran.

Isak van der Walt

Director & Organiser


Junior security analyst, fresh out of university this year. Previously did some web and embedded development and later sysadmin work part time before and during my studies. Also serving as a staff member at Hack South and as an organiser for BSides Cape Town.

Jared Naude



Head of Security, specializing in enterprise cloud architecture. Dedicated to helping large organizations with navigating the complexities of securing cloud environments. Community building advocate and serve as the organizer of several local security events (0xcon, BSides Cape Town, BSides Joburg). My research focuses on cybersecurity topics that intersect with national security and foreign policy issues such as encryption, privacy, surveillance, disinformation, and nation-state activity.

Roberto Arico



15 year veteran in Cybersecurity and it still feels like the first day of school. Interested in all things Red and Blue, as well as listening to other people answer the most basic of Hacking questions.

Geoffrey Chisnall



Systems Administrator turned Lead Security Analyst. Hack South staff member. Ultra distance runner. Cat lover.

Mayan Stegmann



Hey there, I'm Mayan. I'm just your friendly neighbourhood cyber spook, driven by a passion for knowledge and a curiosity for how our interconnected world works. I like to think that I'm the cat that curiosity can't kill.

Nuno Almeida



Doing cyber and physical security for over 20 years and across 3 continents. With BSides Cape Town since 2019 as a volunteer and organizer since 2022. Coffee and bourbon afficionado, can be found at airport lounges.

Michele Wroth



Head of Operations for, wife and side kick to AngusRed aka Charles Wroth, 2019 BSides volt, 2022 and 2023 BSides organiser. Good at planning stuff and things.

Mike Davis