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Call for Papers and Workshops

2023 Theme

Enter a world where technology and humanity collide, where cyber threats abound, and the future teeters on the edge. Welcome to “Dystopia Now.” Join us as we unravel the dark side of the digital realm and explore the intersection of cybersecurity and society. Step into the future and be part of the movement shaping a safer tomorrow.

Ideas around our theme

“Dystopia Now” is an intriguing theme choice for a cybersecurity conference, drawing inspiration from the movie “Apocalypse Now” while focusing on the cyber and hacking mindset. Here’s an elaboration on what this theme represents and how it can be utilized for the conference:

  1. Exploration of Cyber Dystopias: The theme provides an opportunity to delve into the exploration of cyber dystopias, examining potential future scenarios where cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities have escalated to create a bleak and challenging environment.

  2. Emerging Threats and Dark Visions: Dystopia Now allows for a deep dive into emerging cyber threats, dark visions of the future, and the consequences of unchecked cyber activities. Speakers and presenters can discuss the latest cybersecurity challenges, potential societal impacts, and the importance of proactive defense.

  3. Hacking in a Dystopian World: From a hacking mindset, the theme invites discussions on navigating and challenging oppressive systems within a dystopian world. Presenters can explore strategies for ethical hacking, resistance against cyber oppression, and securing individual privacy and freedoms.

  4. Ethical Considerations and Cybersecurity Policies: Dystopia Now encourages conversations about the ethical dilemmas and policy implications arising from a dystopian cyber landscape. Topics may include surveillance, data privacy, regulation, and the balance between security and individual rights.

  5. Resilience and Survival in the Cyber Dystopia: The theme can highlight the importance of resilience, adaptive thinking, and innovative approaches to cybersecurity in a dystopian context. Presentations and workshops can focus on practical solutions, preparedness, and strategies to survive and thrive in challenging cyber environments.

  6. Societal Implications and Cyber Governance: Dystopia Now offers an opportunity to discuss the broader societal implications of cyber threats and the need for effective cyber governance. Exploring topics like cybersecurity education, international collaboration, and policy frameworks can be integral to this theme.

  7. Artistic Expression and Dystopian Cyber Culture: Beyond the technical aspects, Dystopia Now allows for creative expression through cyberpunk-inspired art, music, and interactive installations. These elements can add an immersive and thought-provoking dimension to the conference experience.

By embracing the Dystopia Now theme, BSides Cape Town can provide a platform for insightful discussions, thought leadership, and practical knowledge sharing in the context of cyber dystopias. It creates an engaging and memorable experience for attendees while fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the cybersecurity landscape