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Rite of passage

As a non-profit company and community run event, we like to give back to the ‘up and coming hackers’ of South Africa. BSIDES Cape Town has in past years sent a student volunteer to Defcon and Bsides Las Vegas to volunteer and experience the magic of the ultimate hacker summer camp. This initiative was used to bring the learnings and energy of Bsides Las Vegas back to South Africa and influence the new generation of hackers in the community.

As travelling to the US is a mammoth undertaking, we have done some thinking about the future of the rite of passage. Though we do not rule out going to Vegas in the future, we would also like to support local initiatives. We would like to engage students and young hackers in furthering their skills and education.

We allow sponsoring towards rite of passage as part of the 2022 conference ticket page: Quicket Look for rite of passage and enter an amount, whatever you feel you would like to give to the community.


Please email us initiatives and ideas to organisers@bsidescapetown.co.za

Current ideas are:

  • Sponsoring some University studies fees
  • Try hack me/ Hack the Box vouchers
  • Sponsor SANREN Cyber Security challenge
  • Conclusion

As Bsides Cape Town 2022 3rd of December fast approaches, think about how we can bolster the ZA hacker community through this initiative.

If you have any specific questions or thoughts don’t hesitate to email me or the organisers at: christo@bsidescapetown.co.za / organisers@bsidescapetown.co.za

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