BSides Cape Town is an annual information security conference bringing together cybersecurity professionals, hackers, and technology enthusiasts in a unique and vibrant environment.

From technical deep dives to policy discussions, BSides Cape Town embraces a wide range of subjects in the cybersecurity landscape. The focus is on learning, innovating and having fun.

BSides is growing: the first 2011 conference was under 20 people. Last year’s event was sold out at 500 people. This year we expect more than 600 hackers, tech leaders and enthusiasts to attend.

Our audience

BSides Cape Town has a large, engaged audience across multiple mediums: the conference, social media and our Youtube channel. Our t-shirts (with logos) are a common sight around the country.

Our audience covers the full spectrum of the cyber-security industry, from students to Pen-testers to business leaders (CTO/CISO/etc). Sponsors have the opportunity to get their message out to this audience in a direct and meaningful way.


Our attendees are interested in your products! Find your next client through demos, discussions or exploring their issues with them. People attend BSides to learn about tools, techniques - be the first to show your product and close the deal.


Recruiting isn’t easy. Pitch your company’s opportunities and challenges to a targeted audience, and be present in their minds when they decide to make their next move.

Social impact

As a community-focused conference, we are driven to provide opportunities for growth within the community. We do this through impactful programs like Rite-of-Passage and student/learner ticket discounts.

Sponsorship Tiers

  • Platinum (1)
  • Gold (4)
  • Silver (10)
  • Bronze (*)
  • Workshop Sponsor (1)
  • After Party Sponsor (1)
  • CTF/Challenge sponsor (*)
  • Badge Sponsor (1)

Contact us

For more information and our official sponsorship pack please contact us at sponsors@bsidescapetown.co.za / organisers@bsidescapetown.co.za