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Tickets – 2017:

We have made four types of tickets available in an effort to cater to students, individuals as well as corporates for BSides Cape Town 2017

  1. Individual tickets are for the community members who are paying their own way to BSides Cape Town this year.
  2. Corporates are on the honour system to purchase the corporate ticket type and properly support the cause of information security – if your boss is paying for you to attend please ask them to pay the right amount.
  3. Student tickets will require a student card valid for 2017 to be presented on the day – or for you to drag your professor along to verify you are what you claim to be!
  4. Community Donation ticket (an extra ticket) will allow community donations to BSides. These tickets will not grant you entry to the conference but will make you eligible for something else. Those donations are going to go towards the BSides Cape Town Rite of Passage project.

Go get tickets now!

The BSides Cape Town 2017 electronic badges can be obtained separately as an add-on item. You will see the option for Badges! when a batch is available on Quicket and the funds collected there go towards the Rite of Passage project. Keep an eye on Twitter for the announcement of each batch!

For those who missed the v1 badge in 2016, here is a great Hackaday read: “Zombie Badges take over Security Con“. This year’s badge will have even more surprises in store.