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Rogan Dawes

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Rogan Dawes is a senior researcher at SensePost and has been hacking since 1998, which, coincidentally, is also the time he settled on a final wardrobe. He used the time he saved on choosing outfits to live up to his colleague’s frequent joke that he has an offline copy of the Internet in his head. Rogan spent many years building web application assessment tools, and is credited as having built one of the first and most widely used intercepting proxies, WebScarab.

Talk: Mallet – an Intercepting Proxy for Arbitrary protocols

In this talk, I will focus on a new open-source intercepting proxy named Mallet, based on the mature and high-performance Netty framework, that wraps it with a drag and drop graph-based graphical user interface and a datastore. In doing so, we gain access to an existing library of protocol implementations, including TLS (and SNI), various compression algorithms, HTTP, HTTP/2, MQTT, REDIS, and many others, and most important, an existing community of developers creating new protocol decoders and encoders, and the associated body of knowledge in this area.


The Mallet user interface closely follows the Netty model, making it simple to construct a pipeline of encoders and decoders by dragging existing codecs, or adding your own codecs or script blocks to a palette, taking the researcher from a simple TCP intercept-and-forward proxy, to a full-blown protocol stack with scriptable processing, with every change being recorded for review and replay in a subsequent connection.