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Nathi Mogomotsi


My name is Nathi Mogomotsi, and I grew up in the rural of Zeerust – North West. I previously worked for SensePost for six years and now work for Sanlam. This will be my first conference talk.

Talk: Attack Simulations and Hunting Made Easy

The idea is to push awareness on why it is important to do threat simulation and hunting and how to get started. I will be taking the audience on how I do it. I believe any technical person can do it. To hackers, it will help them to hack and bring value to the organization (by helping blue team). To the blue team it will help them to not sit back and look at alerts but to actively look for new threats that are not picked up by standard monitoring tools.

This is not new stuff but stuff i learned when started working for a big financial company after six years breaking stuff. This talk is inspired by the talk given by Chris Gates and Chris Nickerson at Brucon (Building A Successful Internal Adversarial Simulation Team).

The main goal for this talk is to guide/show attendees how to start doing threat simulation and hunting without extra budget or manpower and by using free / Open Source tools.