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Mary Racter


Mary Racter is a Security Engineer (but somehow not SecOps) at, a non-profit foundation focused on building digital solutions to improving quality of life in the majority world. Worked at MWR InfoSecurity as a penetration tester until moving on to to connect information security with strengthening human rights in the digital age. Once ate an entire pack of lemon creams for supper. Good enough.

Talk: Vault on DC/OS: Secure Secret Management on Budget

Secret-based protocols are the most popular methods for establishing trust in authentication. Unfortunately, they are also one of the first attack surfaces to be probed when system compromise is attempted. Today’s digital services often focus on scalability, high-availability, and fault tolerance, leading to a shift towards microservices on cluster-based architectures. Secret management has evolved as well, leading to the development of cluster-compatible, open-source SM tools such as HashiCorp’s Vault. This talk is designed to help SecOps professionals leverage security concepts such as spatial and temporal attack surfaces, trust, and risk acceptance to secure their cluster credential management.”

Value Proposition

Getting SecOps people to want to make SM work for their infrastructure. Fun thought exercises for offensive security practitioners looking to round out their skill in defensive thinking.