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Kyle Riley


Kyle is the co-founder of iosiro, a blockchain security startup. He has fours years of experience as a security consultant and researcher. He previously led the South African research branch and technical recruitment at MWR InfoSecurity. In 2014, he and a colleague won the Mobile Application category at Mobile Pwn2Own. Kyle has presented at a number of international conferences, including the Qualcomm Mobile Security Summit.

Talk: Smarter Contracts: A Brief Look at Smart Contract Security

In this talk we’ll take a look at smart contract security. We’ll do a technical analysis of historical blunders, such as The DAO and Swarm City hacks, which resulted in tens of millions of dollars being lost.

We’ll look at some best coding practicing when writing smart contracts and common mistakes.

We’ll spin up a private local network, deploy our own contracts and interact with them to illustrate some of the idiosyncrasies and security implications of smart contracts.