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Jared Naude

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Jared is a software engineer specializing in security and cryptography at Synthesis, a specialized software development and Cloud Consulting firm for the financial Services industry. Jared is a certified AWS Solutions Architect & DevOps Engineer, on the professional level, and he am currently helping several South African Banks & Enterprises architect, engineer and operationalize their cloud environments.

Talk: 2018: A retrospective

In agile environments, retrospectives form part of every sprint process and provides an opportunity for teams to reflect on what can be improved to become more effective. In this talk, we will reflect on: security incidents, important vulnerabilities and political events of the past year and highlight important lessons that can be learnt from these events. These events include but are not limited to: the hysteria around GDPR, the lingering effects of the the NotPeyta malware outbreak, the Trustico & UnderArmour incidents, the increasing popularity of security analysis tools to assist cheating in online gaming and the analysis of some interesting traffic picked up by some honeypots.  This talk will cover a wide range of topics and will appeal to a broad audience.