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Chris Kubecka



Chris is the founder and CEO of HypaSec. Previously, Chris headed the Information Protection Group, network operations, security operations and joint-international intelligence team for the Aramco family. Helping to recover Aramco from a nation-state attack to implement digital security and reconnect international business operations. Responsible for all digital IT and ICS assets throughout the EMEA region (minus KSA) and Latin America. Subsequently, establishing and assisting global digital security teams, standards, security driven legal contracts for secure software development with third parties, the Aramco EU/UK Privacy group with internal and external council and computer emergency response teams. Chris has practical and strategic hands-on experience in several cyber warfare incidents. USAF Space Command, detecting and helping to halt the July 2009 Second Wave attacks from the DPKR against South Korea and helping to recover and reestablish international business operations after the world’s most devastating cyber warfare attack, Shamoon in 2012. Expert advisor and panelist for several governments and parliaments. Author of several books, offensive security trainer, digital security course creator, recognized expert in several digital security fields including IT/IOT/ICS SCADA space, maritime, aviation, oil & gas, electric, water and nuclear.

Title: The Woman Who Squashed Terrorists When an Embassy gets Hacked

Ever wonder what incident management is like when an embassy gets hacked by ISIS? Come on a journey that includes international threat actors, a state sponsored intelligence agency, and a foreign sovereign embassy. This journey includes a walk through a series of cyber challenges that includes surprisingly weak security, insider threats, a 50 million dollar extortion attempt, diplomatic immunity, city wide security lock down, all while >400 dignitary’s lives dangle in the negotiation crossfire. Join the lead investigator and resolver, as she takes you along on a super-secret squirrel mission that includes high adventure, nation state, cyber threat actors, and cyber terrorism. Solve the crime and save lives, all in a day’s work for cybersecurity professionals, who said STEM was boring? In this talk, you will discover the key takeaways and gain insight on how to protect yourself from the investigation and response to a real-life cyber terrorism incident. No classified information will be shared, some terrorists were harmed in the making of this talk