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Chathu Vishwajith


My name is Chathu Vishwajith and I’m a Co-Founder of a Startup where few of its products are powered by Full-stack JS. I’m an Auth0 Ambassador, Co-Organizer of Colombo JS Meetup and Organizer of Sri Lanka Unity Developers User Group. I have started working with NodeJS in 2012 and I love it. I Co-founded Colombo JS Meetup in 2013 and keep educating and having discussions about JS for almost four years now. Currently working on Full-stack sales app which has NodeJS backend to serve API and Angular 4 Dashboard with Ionic 3 Mobile app. I’m handing the application architecture and the security. I recently spoke at WordCamp Colombo on topic “Hardening WordPress is an Art” about WordPress Security.

Talk: Serving and securing APIs with NodeJS

Serving REST APIs with Node JS and Express and securing it with JWT (JSON Web Tokens).

  • Serving APIs with NodeJS with Express
  • What is JWT
  • How to Secure your APIs with JWT Tokens
  • Small demo of NodeJS API and Angular4 App

Serving REST API from NodeJS is not that hard. Keeping organize your backend code is important and it should start with the project. What is JWT and how to use it to secure API? Is that hard? No, Let’s start from the beginning and I will guide you through the journey.