Theme: Hack From Home (HFH)

BSides 2022 is happening on the 3 December 2022. This year we are planning an in person event, in Cape Town, so we will have spaces to run or participate in workshops.

Covid rules will be strictly adhered to, and we will be asking for proof of vaccination. Depending on the rules at the time, BSides CPT may be required to limit attendance.


If you would like to run a workshop, either in-person or virtually, please contact us at / . Workshops are open to all, but we will ask for a donation to encourage attendance.

We’re looking for workshops on interesting hacking-related topics such as lock picking, electronics, Wi-Fi, soldering or anything that can be taught in a sheltered outdoor environment. Online workshops are also welcome, as long as the workshop is compatible with our online platform (Discord + Youtube live).


Workshop ticket sales will be opened before end of August, after the workshop themes have been selected.

The deadline for submissions is 23:59 **on the **30th of September 2022, but the earlier you submit the better. k for our full CFW: CFW