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Rite of Passage: 2021

Rite of Passage is subject to sponsorship and finance, but we encourage you to volunteer at BSIDES Cape Town to be eligible:  

Starting in 2016, BSIDES Cape Town launched the initiative Rite of Passage, with the generous assistance of our badge sponsor, Contrast Security! The Rite of Passage initiative is BSIDES Cape Town’s way of giving back and investing in the future bright minds that will carry this community.

One lucky BSides Cape Town 2021 student volunteer, who meets certain requirements, will get the opportunity to either do training, education or a conference attendance sponsored by the rite of passage fund. This is dependent on funds and the impact of SARS-cov2’s impact on travel and attendance.

This will give the chosen volunteer exposure to the international Information Security and Hacker community, thereby broadening their horizons and interest in our industry in general.

As a South African, given the cost of attending DEF CON, it is likely that many of those in the community will never be able to attend DEF CON or any overseas InfoSec / Hacker conventions. BSides Cape Town hopes to improve this situation by sending one chosen volunteer (per year) to DEF CON to experience our industry on a whole new level!

The chosen volunteer will also be the BSides Cape Town intern of 2021. The intern will get to assist in all areas of con organisation in 2022, and will be expected to volunteer at BSides Las Vegas, and to apply their learnings there to the organisation of BSides Cape Town 2022. We also will require the intern to give a talk at BSides Cape Town 2022 on their experiences.


In order to be eligible for the Rite of Passage you must meet the following requirements (dependent on conditions):

  1. You must be between the ages of 21 and 25 at the time of DEF CON 29 ( 5-8 August , 2021).
  2. You must volunteer at BSides Cape Town 2021.
  3. You must be prepared to volunteer at BSides Las Vegas 2022.
  4. You must be a student at the time of volunteering at BSides Cape Town 2021.
  5. You must have a valid passport and be eligible for a US visa.
  6. You must be able to attend BSides Las Vegas and DEF CON in 2022. (August , 2022)
  7. You must be willing to cover some of your own expenses, such as visas, spending money, etc.

How to Enter

In order to be considered for the Rite of Passage you just need to volunteer at BSides Cape Town this year, and express your interest in taking part. We will need to verify your eligibility, as described above, before you may be considered.

Those who wish to volunteer must please contact the organisers before hand and make arrangements for your volunteering at BSides Cape Town this year. Don’t just show up on the day and ask to volunteer!

Selection Process

At the end of BSides Cape Town 2021 we will be announcing the volunteer that has been selected to undergo the Rite of Passage in 2022.

What we’ll cover & What we won’t


Will be decided by Bsides Cape town organisers and directors based on funds and impact of travel.

In past years:

  1. Flights to and from Las Vegas, USA -> COVERED.
  2. Entrance into DEFCON -> COVERED.
  3. Accommodation -> PARTIALLY COVERED – Thanks BSides Las Vegas!!
  4. Passport and visa/s -> NOT COVERED.
  5. Food -> COVERED (thanks to an anonymous community member!).
  6. Spending money, swag purchases, etc… -> NOT COVERED.

What we’ll require from the chosen one

  1. Active participation as an intern in the organisation of BSides Cape Town 2022.
  2. Actually attending BSides Las Vegas and DEF CON in 2022. (August , 2022)
  3. Volunteering for enough hours at BSides Las Vegas 2022 to give back, and to get yourself a hotel room.
  4. A community presentation (OWASP/0xc0ffee/Bsides) upon returning from Las Vegas on your experience and lessons learnt.
  5. A blog post for the BSides Cape Town website, similar to point 4.

So how is this getting paid for?

  1. Contrast Security are sponsoring the BSides Cape Town badges but we are offering them as an add-on this year with ticket purchases. The money collected in this way will also go towards this project.
  2. There is an additional sponsorship option in the ticket sales this year. Selecting that option and donating money will put you into the running for something special and all those donations will go towards this project. R50 buys you an entry and R100 doubles your chances – R1,000 really puts you in the running.
  3. Several other members of the community are personally sponsoring cash towards this goal.
  4. BSides Las Vegas are offering a room for the duration of #BSidesLV and for DEF CON for the chosen one – thanks guys!!
  BSides Las Vegas

Previous Winners

  • 2016 – Michael Rodger
  • 2017 – Eugene De Beste
  • 2018 – N/A
  • 2019 – N/A
  • 2020 – N/A
  • 2021 – Could be you!

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